Q&As With Four International Luminaries on Emerging Trends


Nicole Sheffield


Alexander Greif
General Marketing Manager
Citroën Brazil


SY Lau
Senior Executive Vice President & President, Online Media Group

United Kingdom

Ian Haworth
Executive Creative Director UK & EMEA

What Inspires the Experts

Felix Kessel
Owen Kessel, Leo Burnett

“It’s one thing to promise progress as a city brand. It’s another thing entirely to actually empower your residents to enable that progress themselves. That is the truest form of taking an existing social community and not only growing it, but also making its effects tangible. This campaign represents a growing trend at the confluence of creativity, technology, and utility—that sweet spot that is normally in the realm of giant brands and technology offerings like Nike or Apple—where technology truly enables a community beyond the technology platform itself. This campaign brings real-world community benefit and positivity to the City of Cape Town from inspired and involved online community management. Exemplary of the way we need to start applying real utility to our communication ideas, and then use technology smartly to deliver them.”

Kamila Kownacka
Chief Digital Officer
OMD Group Poland

“A €10,000 budget, the Ministry of Interior as a customer, and the serious topic of transport safety to address doesn’t seem to be an award-winning combination. But in fact, it was one of the most impactful campaigns in Polish history. This was mostly due to the huge dispute it generated: journalists’ critical comments launched a public debate, which in the end involved even nationwide media. Thanks to its controversial form, it will be remembered for a long time.”

Michael Katzlberger
TUNNEL23 Werbeagentur GmbH

“Opel orchestrated a pretend week-long training of pigeons by the best pigeon-trainers in Austria that was to culminate in a focused pigeon attack on VW Golf cars during the ‘sacred’ annual GTI Meeting in Carinthia—and they strategically placed evidence of this plan on the internet. With a great sense of humor, this campaign caused quite a commotion among social media users, especially among VW aficionados. The sophisticated target group segmentation and the group’s interactivity resulted in actually creating the expectation for a pigeon attack, even leading to precautions in the real world. And then—nothing happened. But precisely this ‘nothing’ shows the value of storytelling. Not only did it lead to a lot of media coverage and international recognition for the campaign, it also enhanced Opel’s image as a cool car brand.”

Mathias Beke
Managing Director Belgium
Arena Media

“‘SingStar Taxi’ is an efficient campaign, leveraging the inherent product characteristics through a shareable experience layer. The campaign builds the perfect context, by letting consumers test the game and endorse it on social media within a genuinely fun experience. The mix of product demo, unexpected experience, actual service, and social media amplification was a smart, business-wise, and successful way to promote this game to a larger casual gamers audience.”

Norman Tan
Chief Creative Officer, China Chairman
J. Walter Thompson North Asia

“Traveling is all about exploring a new city and creating fun, special memories. Visa’s “My Own Special Journey” encourages young Chinese travelers to explore off-the-grid places when overseas. The bikes were equipped with GPS and recommended shopping spots, allowing deeper exploration of the city. The beauty of this idea is that it’s engaging, practical, and a lot of fun. What’s more, the campaign didn’t stop at a pop-up booth of rental bikes—instead, it extended into talk shows, virtual trips, and social activation, creating buzz. Perhaps most remarkable, the campaign forced travelers to put down their cameras, and become immersed in the experiences around them. With all this happening together, there’s no doubt about the success of the communication.”

引述人Ji Hairong
Senior Vice President
Focus Media

“The post-90s generation is keen on cool technology and social media. Moreover, they hope to bring a positive change in society through their own actions. The “Magic Night Run” campaign is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology through the ‘magic’ T-shirts, individuation stemming from the night jog, and social function through a microblog.”

Anne Goodman
SVP Sales Enablement, Ad Technology and Operations
BBC Advertising

“The Urban Adventures #cuttypaizei campaign applied stand-out creative and an engaging plan with cross-media execution that cleverly extended the traditional demographic and ideology surrounding this brand. It built across a variety of audience groups under the banner of urban discovery that ranged from ‘street,’ ‘indie,’ ‘dance,’ and ‘retro,’ developing original content and exploring audience interaction across a unique set of media opportunities that were offline, interactive, digital, and event-driven. Overall, this was an innovative and successfully targeted brand solution that drove excellent results.”

José María Roca de Viñals
Chief Creative Officer
DDB Spain

“’Holograms for Freedom’ was one of the most innovative and thought-provoking campaigns of the year. It sets a communication precedent, only possible thanks to the power of the internet, social media, and digital technology. It’s an idea that begins as a social protest on the net, moves onto the streets in the form of a virtual demonstration, which turns into a powerful visual event, which generates buzz in the international press, through which it finds its way back to social media, only this time it extended further, becoming global, and more powerful.”

Cecilia Kocken
Associate Brand Director, Northern Europe
Proctor & Gamble

“Great communication starts with a strong consumer insight. The Church of Sweden’s ‘Connected Candles’ campaign is rooted in the strong universal human insight about the need to share grief, and uses the power of social networks to invite people to do so. The simplicity of the idea—lighting a candle to remember someone you loved—and the high level of trust for the sender made it easy for people to engage. With this brave campaign the Swedish church made the benefit of one of the oldest brands available to more people.”

Suat Sözen
Head of Corporate Communications
Türkiye İş Bankası

“Axe Black’s ‘Silent Window’ campaign is a brilliant example of a digital-born outdoor project empowered by mobile technology. Axe succeeded in attracting the audience by positioning itself as a connection between them and the bands. Furthermore, ‘the coolness of silence in the middle of a crowded street’ message was cleverly posed to the audience. I believe that this case shall be an example for future projects to challenge the limits of building experiences by cleverly using different digital assets.”

Gonzalo López Baliñas
Executive Creative Director
Ginkgo MullenLowe

“Nike+ has one of the most engaging and exciting communities today. To use what its members do best to motivate everyone and build the brand during the most important event of the year in Uruguay, was not only a great proposal, it was a masterstroke. The 4,389km of results achieved proved just that. This campaign was a step forward for Nike+, and many kilometers of motivation for its users.”

Pablo Gil
Coupe Buenos Aires

“A contemporary, different, and global standard idea—I find this campaign to be the best in the region at understanding the path today’s communication should follow: creating experiences and content that people enjoy on multiple touchpoints, and having digital platforms as the main medium of communication and interaction with the audience. Plus, we have to recognize the high level of production in these pieces, of international quality and craft.”

Matt Eastwood
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
J. Walter Thompson

“How do you make people care about something they’ve almost stopped caring about? As drivers become increasingly numb to hard-hitting advertising that ‘doesn’t apply to them,’ communication about speeding has become almost invisible. Clemenger BBDO, however, found a new angle. It’s not about your speed, it’s about the speed of other drivers. With this chilling 60-second narrative, they made drivers think again about road safety, and managed to reframe the way people think about their own driving. The smallest mistake—yours or theirs—can change your entire life.”

Miquel Daura
AC mcgarrybowen

“In mixology, the secret of making a good cocktail is knowing how to mix the best ingredients to find flavors and nuances that you weren’t aware of. ‘Social Trailers’ represents one of the best, brilliant, and simple examples on how to apply such a mix to advertising. The comments from fans empowered the brand by creating relevant content. The fans’ interpretation of the trailers, using beautiful pieces of animation, generated a deep engagement with the brand. This is data-based creativity as its best.”

Matthias Maurer

“‘The Great Easter Bunny Race’ is a perfect example of a very well done branded content campaign. It contains everything needed to be relevant to people: simplicity, entertainment, fun, and a tangible benefit—the chance of winning a prize. What’s more, the execution was basically live advertising connecting seven communication channels in a very clever way. The campaign gained 200 million contacts with the target group. That’s nearly twice the reach of a Super Bowl ad.”

Didier Beauclair
Director, Media, Agency Relations, and Corporate Communications
Union des Annonceurs

“The major challenge for Lacoste, the iconic brand, was to recreate desirability and help it stand out in a hypercompetitive environment by reinforcing its singularity and modernity. The new ‘Life is a Beautiful Sport’ platform rebuilds the sport values of the brand, connecting them at the same time to the aspirations of a modern and urban target. The whole of the communication plan (with the film ‘Le Grand Saut’/‘The Big Jump’) supports this new platform. It aims at creating the noise around the brand. The platform was extended to media such as outdoor, cinema, internet, TV, and press. As a result, Lacoste has reemerged as an authentic, pop culture brand.”

Mike Zeederberg
Managing Director

“‘Shark Dive’ pulled together a number of key elements that ensured it was a fantastic campaign—it leveraged Australians’ love for the Outback and their affinity with the land, along with a strong element of ‘what the…?’, which created a great hook to engage the audience. The content was compelling, and the 3D footage of the sharks and the camera being eaten meant that viewers were engaged right through to the product and brand message. The capability of the product was showcased in a highly engaging way, and the cheeky line about it being ‘like yours, only better’ played right into the audience’s sweet spot. Overall, the campaign demonstrated a masterful blend of technology, insight into the Australian audience, and superb production value to deliver a highly engaging and successful content marketing experience.”

Jonny Watson
Digital Creative Director

“For the masses, data and emotion are at opposite ends of the scale. Jaguar’s ‘Feel Wimbledon’ campaign managed to bring data to life, masking the technology, and instead transmitting the emotion of how it really felt to be in the moment at Wimbledon—a human experience shared and magnified. It’s fascinating that feelings can be measured, analyzed, quantified, and communicated on a human-to-human basis, with technology doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, moving from analog to digital and back to analog. Real-time data took a big step forward with this campaign. This is just the beginning.”

Ayşen Akalın
Media Planning and Buying Manager, Eczacıbaşı, and Vice President
IAB Turkey

“The use of technology, micro-targeting, and customer experience has become crucial in the digital transformation process. The projects that manage to integrate these tools and create a synergy between them stand out among others.

An auto show provides a challenging environment for automotive brands to demonstrate their marketing abilities. Peugeot managed to differentiate itself at the auto show by integrating digital tools with a car in its TweetCar project. This brilliant installation attracted visitors to the Peugeot pavilion, made them a part of the experience, and led them to share their experiences online. The project achieved its goals by utilizing technology that required a significant level of expertise and effort to implement, despite it appearing quite simple from the outside.”

Pascal Andrés Reymond
Digital Procurement
Philip Morris International

“When brands are able to move at the speed of conversation, with dedicated war-rooms staffed with community managers thoughtfully spreading the right content at the right time, digital marketing is able to drive and amplify conversations beyond TV. With relevancy and humor, MegaFon demonstrates the major shift that social media has brought to conventional marketing: inbound over outbound, discussions over headlines, all leading to conversions.”

Claudiu Jojatu
Chief Innovation Officer

“The digital environment has become highly commercial and competitive, since today’s customer is more aware of her options. That’s why companies have to become more efficient and more effective in their efforts to acquire new customers and increase the satisfaction of the existing ones. Embracing an innovative digital strategy is a must in order to stay relevant and become memorable. Orange, with its ‘My Heartbeats’ interactive experience, does this in the right way.”

Camilla Grund
Managing Director
Vizeum Norway

“The campaign stands out in several areas, and shows thorough work from start to finish. The campaign exploits the capabilities within mobile in a comprehensive, targeted and innovative way. Getting the target audience to set the clock after the time of advertisement is nothing else but brilliant!”

Jimmy Smith
Chairman, CEO, CCO
Amusement Park Entertainment

“‘True Wetsuits’ for Quiksilver Japan is a dope example of how to execute a transmedia campaign in a world where a brand must rely increasingly upon entertainment in order to get noticed and integrated into a consumer’s life. The idea seamlessly merges the physical world with the digital world, starting with an actual office suit that doubles as a surfing wetsuit, and extending to an app that allows an executive to keep up with surf conditions and the stock market, plus, keep one’s boss and work colleagues properly updated on your whereabouts (wink, wink).”

Friederike Müller-Wernhart
Mindshare Austria

“‘JUHU!’ is a campaign that perfectly integrates all channels with digital at the lead. The full width of the digital universe is orchestrated with skill. It comprises a lot of emotion, surprising moments, first-mover elements with media and creative attuned. The result of this holistically-planned campaign is a high recognition rate and sales success.”