DIGITAL ON THE STREETS: “Urban Adventures”

Urban Adventures #cuttypaizei

4 Wise Monkeys
Cutty Sark
IAB Greece MIXX Awards Best In Show
Gold in Experimental & Innovative Campaign
Gold in Cross-Media Integration
Gold in Digital Channels Integration
Gold in Native Advertising & PR Campaigns

“The Urban Adventures #cuttypaizei campaign applied stand-out creative and an engaging plan with cross-media execution that cleverly extended the traditional demographic and ideology surrounding this brand. It built across a variety of audience groups under the banner of urban discovery that ranged from ‘street,’ ‘indie,’ ‘dance,’ and ‘retro,’ developing original content and exploring audience interaction across a unique set of media opportunities that were offline, interactive, digital, and event-driven. Overall, this was an innovative and successfully targeted brand solution that drove excellent results.”

Anne Goodman
SVP Sales Enablement, Ad Technology and Operations
BBC Advertising

In Greece, whiskey had an image problem—it was an old man’s drink. So whiskey brand Cutty Sark created a virtual urban museum in Athens, as well as an abundance of content about urban life—all under the tagline “dare to discover”—to attract 18- to 35-year-olds to the brand. Street art, indie stores, and hip hangout spots were all depicted on a digital map. At the physical locations, a Cutty Sark sticker with a QR code linked users to exclusive content about the exhibit and its creators. The brand also organized city walking tours complete with a Cutty Sark after-party. All of the content—videos, blog posts, and photos—lived on the website The experience as a whole was promoted through social media with the hashtag #cuttypaizei and through a rich digital campaign. Cutty Sark dared to re-establish its brand by integrating digital media into the streets of Athens, and the results prove its adventurousness was worth it.

Select Success Metrics

  • 126,294 visitors generated 283,207 page views
  • The video collection attracted 390,000 views
  • Research showed that Cutty Sark was a “whiskey you would be proud to be drink” up 4%, and “a meaningful brand” up 13%
  • The brand enjoyed a 4.8% increase in market share in supermarkets

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