True Wetsuits

Quiksilver Japan
Gold and Silver, Cannes Lions 2015

“‘True Wetsuits’ for Quiksilver Japan is a dope example of how to execute a transmedia campaign in a world where a brand must rely increasingly upon entertainment in order to get noticed and integrated into a consumer’s life. The idea seamlessly merges the physical world with the digital world, starting with an actual office suit that doubles as a surfing wetsuit, and extending to an app that allows an executive to keep up with surf conditions and the stock market, plus, keep one’s boss and work colleagues properly updated on your whereabouts (wink, wink).”

Jimmy Smith
Chairman, CEO, CCO
Amusement Park Entertainment

The star of this campaign is a wetsuit designed to look like business attire. It came in three designs—a black suit, a blue suit, and a tuxedo. Quiksliver wanted to help all those who gave up surfing for their jobs get back in the water. But behind this innovative fashion product and outstanding consumer insight is the expert use of digital media. Each suit came with a “pen” in its pocket that could be used to send a pre-written excuse email telling the office you’re going to be late. not only sold and featured the wetsuits, but included a wave report that linked the next day’s surf report to the stock market.

Select Success Metrics

  • The 2015 model sold out three days after its launch
  • Orders are backed-up through 2016
  • Quiksilver attracted over 120 million impressions globally

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