T-Mobile Wie-ich-will
(How I Want It/JUHU!)

Best in Show/Gold, Best Crossmedia Campaign, Best in Show Media IAB Austria WebAd 2015

“‘JUHU!’ is a campaign that perfectly integrates all channels with digital at the lead. The full width of the digital universe is orchestrated with skill. It comprises a lot of emotion, surprising moments, first-mover elements with media and creative attuned. The result of this holistically-planned campaign is a high recognition rate and sales success.”

Friederike Müller-Wernhart
Mindshare Austria

Contextualized mobile interstitials. Naturally integrated page takeovers. To tell consumers all about its new program for easy phone upgrades, T-Mobile weaved its “How I Want It” message into content, using innovative and highly-interactive forms of traditional digital advertising. On a weather site, users could pick the weather they wanted, and the ad would apply the changes to the site’s weather map. Through website takeovers, users could change the background color of the site and implement other design changes, making the site just how they wanted it. On Shazam, T-Mobile placed ads targeted to when the app couldn’t find the song: “Although no hit, it's a great deal,” the ad said. In mobile games, T-Mobile integrated ads into new-level announcements. The results of all this integration were outstanding, giving T-Mobile just what it wanted.

Select Success Metrics

  • Display ads earned a click-through rate of 0.46%
  • The click-through rate for mobile ads was up to 4.29%
  • Advertising sympathy rose by 4.1%
  • The campaigns resulted in a rise of 90% in customer acquisition

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