SingStar Taxi

Sony PlayStation Benelux
IAB Belgium MIXX Awards 2015

“‘SingStar Taxi’ is an efficient campaign, leveraging the inherent product characteristics through a shareable experience layer. The campaign builds the perfect context, by letting consumers test the game and endorse it on social media within a genuinely fun experience. The mix of product demo, unexpected experience, actual service, and social media amplification was a smart, business-wise, and successful way to promote this game to a larger casual gamers audience.”

Mathias Beke
Managing Director Belgium
Arena Media

Sony PlayStation rebooted a limousine to bring its new SingStar PlayStation 4 game out of the console and into the lives of gamers, and into the busy streets of Belgium’s biggest cities. The company’s goal was to boost awareness and sales of the new SingStar game, SingStar songs, and the PS4 SingStar bundle. Here’s how it worked: Sony rented a supersized limousine and added the video game, two microphones, rooftop speakers to broadcast the singers inside, and a bright taxi sign. Anyone who wanted a ride could hop in, with players at home hailing the taxi by tweeting or commenting on Facebook. But the ride wasn’t free. Users had to pay by singing a song. When users stopped singing, the car stopped, too. To extend the event beyond the street, performances were shared on users’ Facebook pages, and the best performances were edited into a video on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

Select Success Metrics

  • PlayStation Benelux exceeded their sales target by 12%
  • SingStar awareness in Belgium rose by 7%, to 82%
  • Approximately 2,000 consumers sang in the SingStar Taxi
  • The campaign generated more than 200,000 impressions on the PlayStation Facebook page

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