Shark Dive

Leo Burnet Australia
Samsung Gear VR
First place in IAB Australia's Creative Showcase Round 9.5

“‘Shark Dive’ pulled together a number of key elements that ensured it was a fantastic campaign—it leveraged Australians’ love for the Outback and their affinity with the land, along with a strong element of ‘what the…?’, which created a great hook to engage the audience. The content was compelling, and the 3D footage of the sharks and the camera being eaten meant that viewers were engaged right through to the product and brand message. The capability of the product was showcased in a highly engaging way, and the cheeky line about it being ‘like yours, only better’ played right into the audience’s sweet spot. Overall, the campaign demonstrated a masterful blend of technology, insight into the Australian audience, and superb production value to deliver a highly engaging and successful content marketing experience.”

Mike Zeederberg
Managing Director

Digital media can take you anywhere in the world—even transporting you from the middle of a desert, 800 miles from the ocean, to an awe-inspiring shark dive ending inside a shark’s mouth. That was the remarkable virtual reality experience Samsung gave consumers, at a pop-up desert dive store, to demonstrate its Samsung Gear VR headset and Galaxy Note 4. To expand the influence of the event further, the marketing team created a video of users’ reactions, which was watched nearly two million times across Facebook and YouTube.

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  • The video of the experience was watched 1.8 million times

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