Sessiz Vitrin
(Silent Window)

Unilever/Axe Black
Gold – Branded Content
Gold – Out of Home
IAB Turkey MIXX Awards 2016

“Axe Black’s ‘Silent Window’ campaign is a brilliant example of a digital-born outdoor project empowered by mobile technology. Axe succeeded in attracting the audience by positioning itself as a connection between them and the bands. Furthermore, ‘the coolness of silence in the middle of a crowded street’ message was cleverly posed to the audience. I believe that this case shall be an example for future projects to challenge the limits of building experiences by cleverly using different digital assets.”

Suat Sözen
Head of Corporate Communications
Türkiye İş Bankası

For this local activation of an international campaign urging people to “bring the quiet” to launch Axe Black, Axe produced live rock concerts behind soundproof glass in Turkey. But it’s what the team did with digital that really created the spectacle. It all started with the physical. Axe built a public-facing, soundproof music studio in a loud area of Istanbul, and invited six popular bands to perform. Then it let fans know about the shows, by using iBeacon to send out push notifications. But when the fans arrived to see the band, they couldn’t hear a thing. To listen, viewers had to connect to Axe WiFi and put on their headsets—and then, once connected, all social media was silenced on their phones, creating a quiet that reverberated far beyond the stage.

Select Success Metrics

  • The campaign was a trending topic for 186 minutes
  • The outdoor execution reached six million people
  • Axe Black was the best selling Axe product during the campaign

Case Study Video