DIGITAL ON THE STREETS: “My Own Special Journey”

(My Own Special Journey)

Gold, Media Marketing Award—Wireless
Great Wall of China Advertising Awards 2015

“Traveling is all about exploring a new city and creating fun, special memories. Visa’s “My Own Special Journey” encourages young Chinese travelers to explore off-the-grid places when overseas. The bikes were equipped with GPS and recommended shopping spots, allowing deeper exploration of the city. The beauty of this idea is that it’s engaging, practical, and a lot of fun. What’s more, the campaign didn’t stop at a pop-up booth of rental bikes—instead, it extended into talk shows, virtual trips, and social activation, creating buzz. Perhaps most remarkable, the campaign forced travelers to put down their cameras, and become immersed in the experiences around them. With all this happening together, there’s no doubt about the success of the communication.”

Norman Tan
Chief Creative Officer, China Chairman
J. Walter Thompson North Asia

Visa turned its data about merchants into a bike tour for young Chinese travelers visiting in Melbourne, Sydney, and Seoul. It all started with this insight: Young people wanted to authentically experience the culture and life of the cities that they traveled to—and Visa wanted them to choose to pay using Visa over China UnionPay cards. So Visa built a series of pop-up bike rental kiosks in the cities Chinese youths gravitate to, and equipped each bike with an app directing riders to desirable spots where Visa was accepted. Included in each app was technology to share their experiences on social media. To attract participants, Visa developed a fictional TV character who critiqued undesirable “luxury” travel experiences, and produced online display ads, social media content, print ads, and videos. For those not traveling during the campaign, they could take a virtual ride on the rental bikes online.

Select Success Metrics

  • Chinese travelers’ use of Visa increased 40%
  • The experience attracted 7,486 travelers
  • Visa added 244,582 new followers on Weibo

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