Peugeot TweetCar

Gold, Experimental and Innovative, IAB Turkey MIXX Awards 2016

“The use of technology, micro-targeting, and customer experience has become crucial in the digital transformation process. The projects that manage to integrate these tools and create a synergy between them stand out among others.

An auto show provides a challenging environment for automotive brands to demonstrate their marketing abilities. Peugeot managed to differentiate itself at the auto show by integrating digital tools with a car in its TweetCar project. This brilliant installation attracted visitors to the Peugeot pavilion, made them a part of the experience, and led them to share their experiences online. The project achieved its goals by utilizing technology that required a significant level of expertise and effort to implement, despite it appearing quite simple from the outside.”

Ayşen Akalın
Media Planning and Buying Manager, Eczacıbaşı, and Vice President
IAB Turkey

Peugeot empowered attendees of Turkey’s Auto Show to control a Peugeot 308 by tweet in order to be the most remarkable brand of the show. But the team did its job so well, Peugeot’s message extended far beyond the limits of the convention center. Via a mobile website and Twitter, users could flash the car’s brights, turn on its flashing lights, and make it perform other operations, all without touching the car. The impact of this innovation was felt far beyond the time and place of the stunt.

Select Success Metrics

  • 70% of all Tweets about the auto show were about Peugeot and its TweetCar
  • 6.2 million people were reached by the campaign

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