Паша Логинов. МегаФон
(Pasha Loginov. MegaFon)

Brand Strategies & Objectives, Product Launch, IAB Russia MIXX Awards 2016

“When brands are able to move at the speed of conversation, with dedicated war-rooms staffed with community managers thoughtfully spreading the right content at the right time, digital marketing is able to drive and amplify conversations beyond TV. With relevancy and humor, MegaFon demonstrates the major shift that social media has brought to conventional marketing: inbound over outbound, discussions over headlines, all leading to conversions.”

Pascal Andrés Reymond
Digital Procurement
Philip Morris International

A grating, high-rotation TV commercial for a new MegaFon tablet created an uproar of unhappiness online. The brand needed to turn sentiment around fast, at the speed of digital. The spot featured a child, Pasha Loginov, loudly whining directly into the camera, pleading with his parents for the device. Viewers revolted online, creating a wave of negative feedback. To restore its image and still sell tablets, MegaFon created a new video that featured the same kid, but this time, it called out screen names of the internet users who disparaged the original. Then it made an account for the boy in social networks and hired a team to respond 24/7 to comments. Soon consumers were responding in droves. Then the team made more content, creating new memes and branded user-generated content. Within two weeks, the brand received double the number of positive responses than negative ones, and soon tablet sales picked up, too.

Select Success Metrics

  • The campaign resulted in 50% increase in sales above the goal
  • It produced a 55% increase in the number of tablet orders in the online store

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