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Gold in Mobile Platforms and Silver in OOH, IAB Uruguay MIXX Awards

“Nike+ has one of the most engaging and exciting communities today. To use what its members do best to motivate everyone and build the brand during the most important event of the year in Uruguay, was not only a great proposal, it was a masterstroke. The 4,389km of results achieved proved just that. This campaign was a step forward for Nike+, and many kilometers of motivation for its users.”

Gonzalo López Baliñas
Executive Creative Director
Ginkgo MullenLowe

To promote the Nike+ app, Nike reinvented user-generated content, turning users’ running paths into media itself. Prior to a Nike 10K run, Nike challenged runners in Uruguay to train by running courses that drew letters on their digital map. The response? Nike+ users ran 4,389km (2,727 miles) in the shapes of letters. The best letters were then used to form an alphabet. On race day, Nike used the new font to post motivational messages across the racecourse. It was a campaign created by runners to challenge and inspire runners—and incidentally, increased the use of the Nike+ app, too.

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  • Active members of the Nike+ app increased 58%

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