My Heartbeats

MullenLowe Profero
Best Interactive Experience and Best in Show Campaign, IAB Romania MIXX Awards

“The digital environment has become highly commercial and competitive, since today’s customer is more aware of her options. That’s why companies have to become more efficient and more effective in their efforts to acquire new customers and increase the satisfaction of the existing ones. Embracing an innovative digital strategy is a must in order to stay relevant and become memorable. Orange, with its ‘My Heartbeats’ interactive experience, does this in the right way.”

Claudiu Jojatu
Chief Innovation Officer

To impress the 18- to 35-year-old urban market on Valentine’s Day, telecom Orange turned consumer’s heartbeats into marketing media. It built a mobile app empowering users to send the sound of their beating hearts to the person they love. It worked like this: Using the My Heartbeats app, users put a finger over their phone’s camera to record their heartbeat. The app then turned it into a 10-second recording to share. For doing so, the users received free Mbs of data, 10x more than their actual recorded heart rate. To publicize the app, Orange produced posters, interactive outdoor, display banners, social media marketing, and a high-tech print ad in which users could push two buttons to record their heart rate.

Select Success Metrics

  • The app was downloaded 583,000 times
  • 5 million heartbeats were sent and received
  • 2.8 million GB of free data were earned by Orange customers

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