Clemenger BBDO, Wellington
NZ Transport Agency
Grand Prix Ad Stars 2015

“How do you make people care about something they’ve almost stopped caring about? As drivers become increasingly numb to hard-hitting advertising that ‘doesn’t apply to them,’ communication about speeding has become almost invisible. Clemenger BBDO, however, found a new angle. It’s not about your speed, it’s about the speed of other drivers. With this chilling 60-second narrative, they made drivers think again about road safety, and managed to reframe the way people think about their own driving. The smallest mistake—yours or theirs—can change your entire life.”

Matt Eastwood
Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
J. Walter Thompson

Sometimes a video is so emotionally powerful, thought-provoking, and full of the potential to inspire positive change that the world races to see it—not because of creative distribution techniques or promotional efforts, but because of the strength of the story itself. “Mistakes” takes viewers to the poignant moment right before an inevitable car crash, in which a parent and child are hit by someone speeding. The action freezes right before impact. The drivers get out of their cars. The parent pleads with the speed-demon to stop, but the speeder says there’s nothing he can do, that the parent pulled out of nowhere. And then they get back into their cars, and continue on to a terrible, heart-wrenching collision.

Select Success Metrics

  • The most viewed video in New Zealand, ever
  • It was translated into German, Polish, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Slovak, Greek, and Mandarin. Agencies in other countries produced their own versions

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