THE VIDEO EFFECT: “Life is a Beautiful Sport”

Life is a Beautiful Sport

BETC, Havas Media
Grand Prix Effie France 2015

“The major challenge for Lacoste, the iconic brand, was to recreate desirability and help it stand out in a hypercompetitive environment by reinforcing its singularity and modernity. The new ‘Life is a Beautiful Sport’ platform rebuilds the sport values of the brand, connecting them at the same time to the aspirations of a modern and urban target. The whole of the communication plan (with the film ‘Le Grand Saut’/‘The Big Jump’) supports this new platform. It aims at creating the noise around the brand. The platform was extended to media such as outdoor, cinema, internet, TV, and press. As a result, Lacoste has reemerged as an authentic, pop culture brand.”

Didier Beauclair
Director, Media, Agency Relations, and Corporate Communications
Union des Annonceurs

Lacoste is an iconic brand, but it was struggling to find its place in the fashion world in terms of its price-point competition and its image. The solution was to increase its digital spend from five percent to 30 percent, and to produce striking content activated not only in fashion magazines and its website, but also through Vine and Snapchat. The centerpiece of the campaign was a video titled “Le Grand Saut/The Big Leap” where a man reaches across a café table to kiss a woman, and the intensity of the moment is illustrated by interspersed clips of him jumping off a roof. On Vine, Lacoste partnered with an influencer who had three million followers to promote the launch of its new website. As the first fashion advertiser on Snapchat, Lacoste produced videos with hidden crocodiles asking users to #SpotTheCroc. Emotionally memorable video content presented in a modern and forward-thinking manner helped Lacoste rediscover its niche in the competitive fashion landscape.

Select Success Metrics

  • Sales volume jumped 8% from 2014
  • Commercial growth extended to multiple product styles: up 60% for leather goods, 33% for footwear, and 4% for textiles
  • Lacoste reached figures higher than competing brands for recognition, consideration, and purchasing
  • “Le Grand Saut” attracted 24 million views on YouTube
  • The Vine and Snapchat activations generated more than nine million views

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