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Best Integrated Campaign, Most Creative Use of Data, Most Creative Use of an Emerging Technology, IAB UK Creative Showcase Awards 2015

“For the masses, data and emotion are at opposite ends of the scale. Jaguar’s ‘Feel Wimbledon’ campaign managed to bring data to life, masking the technology, and instead transmitting the emotion of how it really felt to be in the moment at Wimbledon—a human experience shared and magnified. It’s fascinating that feelings can be measured, analyzed, quantified, and communicated on a human-to-human basis, with technology doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, moving from analog to digital and back to analog. Real-time data took a big step forward with this campaign. This is just the beginning.”

Jonny Watson
Digital Creative Director

Through the use of cutting-edge biometric and atmospheric data, Jaguar—a first-time Wimbledon sponsor hoping to boost brand fame and social engagement—fueled a breathtaking content experience. It gave everyone the unique and powerful experience of attending Wimbledon. Attendees wore bracelets that tracked their heart rate variability and audio; sensory beacons in the stands captured crowd energy levels; and a team studied live sentiment from social media. Then data analysts, designers, and motion graphic experts, among others, produced custom content every 20 minutes, capturing and sharing the actual excitement of the games. This content was then broadcast on out-of-home media targeted to commuters, and published through bespoke social posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and on the Feel Wimbledon website. Digital media and the deft use of data extended the intensity of an exclusive event to life for all to enjoy, just as Jaguar provides a unique sensory and emotional experience to all of its drivers.

Select Success Metrics

  • #FeelWimbledon was the most used hashtag of any partner brand
  • Jaguar achieved a 27% share of voice on Twitter
  • The videos were viewed over 1.5 million times

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