THE VIDEO EFFECT: “The Great Easter Bunny Race”

Das Große Osterhasen-Rasen
(The Great Easter Bunny Race)

Ogilvy Germany
Media Markt Management GmbH
Gold Cross Media Campaign, Deutsche Digital Award
Gold Global Festival of Media
Grand Prix Eurobest 2016

“‘The Great Easter Bunny Race’ is a perfect example of a very well done branded content campaign. It contains everything needed to be relevant to people: simplicity, entertainment, fun, and a tangible benefit—the chance of winning a prize. What’s more, the execution was basically live advertising connecting seven communication channels in a very clever way. The campaign gained 200 million contacts with the target group. That’s nearly twice the reach of a Super Bowl ad.”

Matthias Maurer

With its “Great Easter Bunny Race,” German electronics store Media Markt turned omnichannel marketing into omnipresent marketing. How? With a first-ever live sporting event broadcast as a commercial break simultaneously across nine TV networks, YouTube, Media Markts’ website, and the popular German website, Bild. Yes, nine rabbits racing down a track attracted more viewers than the World Cup semifinal. But it wasn’t just the cute bunnies and all of the adorable lead-up content—like training videos and collector cards—that appealed to viewers. All Media Markt receipts had a number that correlated with a bunny, and if that bunny won, the customer would get 50 percent of their money back—a winning strategy.

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  • 21 million people watched “The Great Easter Bunny Race”

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