DIGITAL ON THE STREETS: “Connected Candles”

Connected Candles #mittljus

Starcom MediaVest Group Sweden
The Church of Sweden
Sweden IAB MIXX Awards Best Campaign - Branding 2016 and Cristal Festival, 2015 Media Best Use of Cultural Campaign Sapphire (Silver)

“Great communication starts with a strong consumer insight. The Church of Sweden’s ‘Connected Candles’ campaign is rooted in the strong universal human insight about the need to share grief, and uses the power of social networks to invite people to do so. The simplicity of the idea—lighting a candle to remember someone you loved—and the high level of trust for the sender made it easy for people to engage. With this brave campaign the Swedish church made the benefit of one of the oldest brands available to more people.”

Cecilia Kocken
Associate Brand Director, Northern Europe
Proctor & Gamble

From one person’s click to one candle lit—the Church of Sweden modernized its communications with worshippers, and helped tens of thousands of people to express their grief after losing a loved one. Here’s how they did it. Trees of LED candles were placed all over busy public places in Sweden. Through a mobile app, users could light a candle in memory of a loved one and write messages about their thoughts and feelings to share with the community. After a candle was lit, an image highlighting the person’s candle was sent back to them for sharing. To launch the campaign, the team used PR with paid and unpaid influencers, and produced films profiling three people dealing with loss, which were socialized and targeted to key audiences. The campaign only lasted six days, but it made a lasting impression.

Select Success Metrics

  • Approximately 36,000 candles were lit from 104 countries
  • Nearly two out of three users expressed their stories
  • Social media interactions with The Church of Sweden increased more than 200%, with more than 24,000 daily contributors
  • The perception of the church as modern rose from 9% to 60%

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